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SHOP at local retailers

SAVE on your purchases

SEND money to your favorite charity

The Dealio discounts app helps non-profit supporters raise money for their favorite local organizations

  • Consumers save money
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  • Businesses get customers
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  • Non-profits earn cash


Discounts you want to use

On-demand coupons
Discounts from 20-50%

Save money where you shop

Dining, retail and services
Where you live and where you work


Affordable SMB marketing

Reach motivated consumers
Support the local community

Great mobile advertising

Reach active consumers
Impact buying decisions


New revenue stream

Motivate supporters
Activate constituency

Public/Private partnership

Build community
Extend awareness
Groucho glasses

The DEALIO discounts app helps you help your community!

Use the DEALIO discounts app as a great way for you and your family to save money on meals, products and services while earning money for your favourite, local, not-for-profit agency.
  • Download the app
  • Configure your account
  • Select your favorite charities
After you bookmark your deals, pull up the offer at check out to receive your discount and the non-profit’s contribution will automatically be directed to your charity.

Save. Shop. Give.

Again and again and again.

Use the DEALIO discounts app